Thanks for all the fish!

Jeeves Poll will shut down at the end of May. New polls can be created until Friday 25th May, and votes can still be cast until the end of May. After this date, I'll delete everything from the database, and the API will answer Slack with error messages.

Why? This application was something I put together over a day, almost 2 years ago now, and I always indended on rewriting the code and adding new features. It never received any love from me, so I've decided to shut it down - thanks for all the support!

What was this?

/poll "Question" "Answer 1" "Answer 2" "..."

Jeeves Poll will then magically create something like the following:

Why did you make this?

Slack had recently released the new Message Buttons attachments, and I noticed that the poll Slack App we previously used changed to using them. So I decided to hack an app together to see ho hard it would be.

Everything was put together over the course of a single day!