Privacy Policy

Last Update: 16th September 2016

Last Updates

16th Sept 2016: Added Google Analytics to the site, and information on what happens after a poll is deleted

Stored Data

Jeeves Poll stores some, limited data about you and your team so we can serve up your poll.

We store the questions and answers you send us, we also save the responses against the user that gave that response. This is required for the 'View in Browser' feature to work. We also store your team name when you authorise our application, and the access token.

For each question we store the team, channel, and user that created the question.

If a response is removed (by clicking the button again after a vote is cast) that response is fully removed, and we cannot recover that information.

When a poll is deleted, it is marked as deleted in the database to be removed by a housekeeping script later.

Analytics / Third Parties / Advertising

This site has a link to Google Fonts, to use the Lato font.

We currently use one Javascript Analytics tool to monitor this site - Google Analytics.

We do not use any Advertising. Ghostery shows this site as "1 tracker found" which is Google Analytics.

We do not share any other information with third parties.


We may change this policy from time to time, this page will be updated in the event of a change to the policy.